Commission Testimonials

Thank you so much for carving the headstone for my mother's grave.

The work is just what we wanted, with your artistry used in a subtle way which is suitable for a gravestone. Above all, it is clear that a lot of care and craftmanship has gone into the work, that every letter has been thought about.

My sister and aunt visited the stone recently and were both delighted with it, my aunt said it was good to see a proper and respectful monument for her sister. It is a pleasant contrast to some of the machine-made stones

Thomas Everest-Dine

Just writing to say thank you so much for all the hard work you put in with Dad's memorial stone. You helped make the whole process so much easier.

From the very beginning when we started chatting about ideas for the design, the type of stone and the wording it was apparent that you wanted to produce a fitting memorial and interpret the family's ideas. Seeing the stone in place for Dad's first anniversary was so perfect.

The stone has now been in place almost a year and stil looking good. It is lovely to pull up at the cemetery and to clearly pick out Dad's stone from all the others, it is truly unique.

Many thanks again for all your help

Tina Gynane

Course Testimonials

I found this to be a refreshingly creative and uniquely meditative process, with just the right amount of guidance from our guru, Claire. Such a peaceful setting and expressive outlet for creative energy, what I liked most was balancing up on the fine line between destruction and construction; removing and shaping, flipping between intricate detailing and brute force. Everything culminating in a personal one-of-a-kind sculpture to take home and memorialise the energy, learning and concentration that went in over two days. I fully intend to continue and develop my stone carving skills!

Jack Symons

Claire is the best sort of teacher, she gives you all the tools and the materials, provides a perfect peaceful safe setting and shows you the basic techniques and then urges you to get stuck in. She is then on hand to gently steer you out of any mistakes and encourage you to keep going when what you are making starts to look very different from your vision.

She also made us stop hourly for very welcome tea and cakes or biscuits and was so right because going back to your piece afresh makes you see it completely differently and you are fortified to wield the carving tools with greater purpose. I would strongly recommend this course and you will end up with an original piece of artwork that you can either show off to all your pals, or use as a doorstep or - in my case - sit proudly in the rockery! And know that nobody in the world has a piece like it and that being Jurassic, it will last forever! It is hard work and makes you admire the experts a great deal more!


I hope you are well. I just thought I'd let you have the couple of pictures I took on the 12th June after our stone carving weekend. They are not very good due to the weather we had! Also attached is my (nearly) finished ammonite. You may remember that it looked more like a Cumberland Sausage when I left you.

After our weekend I bought some tools and have spent some time glued to my piece of stone. I managed to find a specialist carving supplier about 3 miles away so bought a TCT chisel and a mallet (?). I have no doubt caught the bug now and I'm thinking of my next project.

Graham Smith

Just though I'd send a thankyou for carving weekend at bradgate manor.

I enjoyed myself so much, we were lucky with the weather, the group got on well, the working on the stone was a wonderful experience, harder on the muscles then I'd expected, but so addictive that we had to be dragged away from our stone for our coffee breaks!

Thankyou for your patience, guidance, and encouragement, not to mention inspiration from your fabulous pieces on display.

Your work, teaching and the weekend was amazing, so I will look forward to any up and coming classes I've not found very much into so far on suppliers of tools and stone, but as I've only just finished the painting and life drawing classes I've not had much time, so I'll get that sorted, as now I've tried it, 'Id love to see what I can do, thanks once again, I look forward to seeing you again.

Jackie Elsi

Hi Claire, just to say a big thank you once more for the fabulous stone carving weekend. I so enjoyed the hands on approach and because you gave us the freedom to get started straight away, it made the amount of time given to carving a decent amount. The surroundings, tution and lunches made the whole experience. Please do more courses, I've got the bug.

Jo Neale

Just to say a big Thank You for the weekend and all that you gave us. It was good to be out in the garden area for two days and to have that individual touch when trying to coax the image out of the stone.


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